It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen

New Year’s Eve is my favourite holiday of the year.  Now I’m guessing I’m not alone in this thought, however we probably have different reasons.

Mine… I love creating lists & making goals.  I write lists all the time, I even write lists of lists I should write.   What is special about New Year’s lists is the feeling of that fresh start, that feeling of renewed commitment.

But something has been happening to my lists lately…they’re just not moving along.  It’s almost like writing the lists calms my brain down for awhile, but I have no time to actually complete any of the scarier or more involved goals.  Then they just sit there growing stale until they are all swirling around in my mind again and I make another list… exactly like the first, just to get them out of my head.  I’m beginning to see that my list making may be releasing some of the steam, but it’s not calming my internal pressure cooker which is filling with things I want to do, learn, try or accomplish.  I keep waiting for some moment to come when I have lots of time to use up and it’s getting more and more clear that I’ll never have the time until I make the time.

So I unearthed a copy of my goal lists going back to 2008 ( it’s possible I keep copies of all my goal lists…), picked out the ones still unexplored and  added some fresh ones.  I’m going to put effort toward doing one project/ goal a month from now until… well by the looks of this list I’ll be busy for awhile!


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