July – a good month to get flexible

I’ve always believed that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.  Maybe not everything all at once, but probably anything.  Especially anything other people have shown you is possible.  Perhaps so of that ideaology came from supportive parents – but mainly it came from sports where I’ve seen it and experienced it first hand. Persistent effort over a period of time seems to be the main thing behind achievement.

Only recently have I taken this to relate to non-athletic endeavours as well.  So I’m putting my “busyness” aside and tackling my projects on a month to month basis where I can concentrate on only one thing and actually get somewhere with it.  First one up… stretching!

I have decided to stretch everyday for an hour and see how much my flexibility can change in a month.  I already have a good stretching sequence, I just don’t get to it often enough.  Here are the pictures:

Yes… some might say I’m already flexible… but I’m not circus flexible…and that  is important to me because I happen to be a circus artist.  I’ve always heard from various contortionists and instructors that the key is to stretch every single day.  Some days you’ll go further that others, but taking a day off of stretching is like taking a week off anything else.   I’m very curious to see if it will make any difference at all in only a month.

I’ve tried to give myself a fighting chance so I picked this month because I will actually be a home a lot, with only one quick trip over to Vancouver.  Stretching on the road will be more challenging , but I’m sure I’ll figure something out!

So here go, one month of stretching everday.  Happy Canada Day everyone, I’m off to stretch 🙂


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