The joys of public stretching

(not my photo, but it was this beautiful!)

Beautiful Vancouver has inspired me to try two things I would normal avoid: stretching in the morning and stretching outside.  I feel I have given morning stretching enough of a chance that I can say with certainty… I hate it.  I don’t feel flexible and on top of that I feel this constant nagging sense that I need to be getting on with my day.  I can never quite relax enough to get into a good flow, which makes it a much less pleasurable experience.  So no more forced morning stretching!

As for stretching outside…I really wanted to like it 🙂  The sun feels great while stretching and I can tolerate the occasional bug landing. I do have to have a mat though, while I enjoy nature… I don’t really enjoy it touching me.  Actually the main issue I had with stretching outside was that I was at the beach or the park and suddenly everyone was interested in what I was doing.  This is VANCOUVER, doesn’t everyone already do yoga, stretching should be so commonplace it’s boring out here…right?  Apparently not.  I tried all the tricks, I wore sunglasses and earphones and did my best to ignore people staring.  I’m usually pretty good at it, but there was always one or two people who had the wherewithal to get my attention and want to talk to me or take pictures of my stretching.  It just made me uncomfortable and also kinda kills the zone I was in.  Oh well, reading that back it sounds kinda snotty but I don’t really like calling attention to myself outside of performing.  I just get uncomfortable!

So back to night stretching, at least until I get back home with a backyard and I can stretching all by myself 🙂


2 thoughts on “The joys of public stretching

  1. Not easy to focus on stretching outside, especially when people are disturbing you. But hey, the good news is you could meet someone interseted in contortion too.

    Anyway good luck with your training and long live contortion.

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