Sunbeams, Stretching and Music OH MY!

Coming back home felt like walking into a sauna, what’s with this crazy heat wave?!?  I feel like my skin may be sweating off.  However it does make for some nice backyard sunbeam stretching.  I did a complete 180 on how I feel about stretching outside once I tried it in the privacy of my backyard instead of the public beaches of Vancouver.  The sun warms you right up and I swear it made everything easier.  I finally got my feet on the ground on chinstand, Horray!  Here’s a picture:


Also a variation:

I was pretty excited, and amazed at the difference I really have seen so far from this month of non-stop stretching.  I definitely warm up quicker to my flexibility level and also have managed to get further in this month then I ever have before.  There have also been some days though where I didn’t feel flexible at all and it took me  along time to get through .  I still wonder if I would have been better off not stretching those days instead of powering through it.

One of the best things I have learned so far though is the power of music.  I always want to put on TV on a movie whenever I have to do anything, stretching, training, paperwork, computer work, doesn’t matter I have some urge to turn on the TV, even if it is just background.  But it works horribly and I can’t focus on either the TV or the task at hand.  It takes me twice as long to get through anything and I’ve missed most of the important parts of whatever I am watching.  Music on the other hand has the opposite effect on me.  Music gets my into a great work zone.  I know I get focused and into any project better with music, however I still have that urge to put on TV.  This past week I have decided to only stretch to music, no choice allowed.  And it has been bliss!  I still don’t understand why I resist it as first, but it is the best way to stretch that I have found, bar none!  I think I’ll have to force myself to just start music from now on, I’ll get so much done 🙂


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