Eating healthy on the go!

August is full of trips for me, which is always exciting when it comes to finding healthy eats along the way.  This month will be a great trial because I will get to figure out pretty much all the combinations of travel I encounter.  This month contains:

1.) Flights and a weekend stay in a hotel

2.) Short road trip and a week long stay in a hotel (fingers crossed for a fridge)

3.) Long road trip and a 2 week stay in someone’s home.


All of these also include the fun challenge of having very little time to eat throughout the day, and even less time to go find food.  I have a feeling that this month is going to involve a lot of pre-planning, which is probably why I usually fail at this 🙂

Here are my key goals for this month of healthy on the go eating:

*Finding food that is healthy and fuels me for my shows

*Pre-planning meals and snacks around my schedule to prevent crabbiness

*Finding out if this is cheaper than eating out for all my meals on the road

*Planning for the right number of days so I don’t have excess I need to get rid of

Now years of reading about nutrition has given me a basic idea of what I will plan out, but I’ll take this as an excuse to scour the internet for fun ideas!  First up,one of my favourite blogs:  she always has some good ideas 🙂



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