Oh boy another airport!

Traveling and healthy eating may seem to go together like oil and water, but for people constantly on the go it can become an overwhelming obstacle. My first travel obstacle is the airport. Today I flew out of Winnipeg, MB and was greeted with these choices:

Mmmmm Tim’s… as warm and fuzzy as I feel thinking about their coffee and snacks, they just aren’t that healthy of a choice. Which is too bad because they are everywhere 🙂 Now there are some healthy choices springing up here and there ( Cibo is my favourite, but it’s only in select airports ), but for the most part it’s just an array for deliciously bad for you choices.

Pre-planning to the rescue!

Bringing along a healthy snack will save you both money and calories, whilst fueling you for dealing with the screaming babies and inevitable flight delays that lie ahead.

Here’s my plan:

*avoid coffee and alcohol at the airport (sniff sniff) It’s tasty when it goes down, but it always leaves me dehydrated and give me a headache.

*banana, carrots, almonds, string cheese, hummus and pita ( I hope hummus passes the liquid/ gel test!)

*bring an empty water bottle in my carry-on to be filled up after security

I’m hoping that will be fine for the day, my total airport travel time will last for about 8 hours.


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