Is Newfoundland Screech a healthy food?


Today I’m in Newfoundland and it is every bit as cute as people say it will be.  My four days here will blink by in an instant, but it’s just enough time for me to test healthier eating while travelling.  My goal is to hit up a grocery store and pick up the following:


*Almond milk

*Cereal that passes the following test:  first ingredient is whole grain, 5 grams or less of sugar, and at least 4 grams of fiber per serving.

*4 bananas

*3 apples

*almond or peanut butter

*rice cakes



*raw trail mix

* a couple cliff bars


I’m hoping that the cliff bars and nut butter will add to the heartiness of my snacks.  I feel like this list is also diverse enough that I can mix and match to make it seem more exciting… or at least that’s my goal.  I know we’ll be too busy to actually go out to eat during the day, but hopefully this will keep me energized and full 🙂





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