Road Trip, Road Trip!!

So Newfoundland was a beautiful albeit brief stop… I wish I could have stayed longer.  But as always the road calls and before I know it I’m off to another city, another festival, another show.

This time we’re driving from Winnipeg to Edmonton for the Edmonton Fringe Festival.  It’s about a 14 hour drive with some awesome companions.  Road trips are way fun and easy to pack for! It’s just taking the time to remember to do it the night before.  It’s also a great way to empty the fridge so everything doesn’t rot while you’re away 🙂

Learning from the last week of snack packing, I’m trying to add more and more heft into my snacks.  I think beans will do that nicely.  So the first thing on my list is one of my favourite “salads”.

Quinoa Bean Salad

2 cups cooked quinoa mixed with: chickpeas, kidney beans, carrots, broccoli and green onion.  Toss with Italian salad dressing.

I topped each portion with a handful of spinach.  Yum, I could eat that all day!

baked sweet potato

Carrots and Hummus



Triscuits and String Cheese

raw trail mix

I’m getting hungry just writing about these snacks 🙂


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