Hello Edmonton <3


Edmonton Fringe Festival is a pretty special place for me.  I’ve been performing there for the last several years and it’s like the treat at the end of all your hard work all summer long.  But this week there will be no actual treats for me, which is nearly impossible when all day, all week I have to walk by fried treat after fried treat.  But this is where my brain and stomach and tastebuds have disconnected.  I feel physically and mentally worse when I eat these items, however it doesn’t stop me from wanting them.  I feel like the slowest learning mouse in the experiment… I can get shocked by that piece of cheese forever and I will still want it.   ARRGG, that makes no sense!

This time I’m feeling pretty upbeat about eating healthier here and my main defence is going to be staying full on healthy snacks.  That may seem obvious, but I think it’s been my main problem.  While I have been choosing good snacks, I have not been choosing good portions.  When replacing a meal with fruit and veggies I forget how much more I need to eat.  Hopefully staying full will keep me from looking akin to this years fringe theme:



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