Fruits, fruits and more fruits

Yum yum!

I think I may have found the secret to eternal energy!  Fruit is amazing, so easy to digest and gives you this burst of energy that I’ve never gotten from coffee, energy drinks or energy bars.  Plus it need no refrigeration and is available pretty much anywhere you are going to be travelling.  So lots and lots of fruit has been a great way to get started in the morning for me.  Another one of my favourite on the go choices was… pita pit.  I may have eaten there almost every day!

It’s a full days of veggies and fiber in one sandwich… and it’s huge!  Now you can make your pita as good or as bad for you as you want, but it’s pretty easy to stay on the path of light.  Some days I brought a container full of chopped veggies with me, but a pita was so much less chopping  🙂

Dinner at this fair is easy because they do have some healthier options such as chana masala and brown rice bowls.  There were also TWO organic/ healthy grocery store within walking distance that had ready made options from their deli.

Yay, good job Edmonton!  You made this easier than I thought it would be.


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