…and then, failure :(

evil bubble tea pushers 😦

Sometimes my disconnected mind and taste buds can’t be out thought.  Everything at the festival looks good, and I’ve been working hard right?  I mean what’s wrong with having a …. whoa how did this bubble tea get in my mouth?

“Do I want a bite of your cookie?  Well twist my rubber arm, sure I do”

“It’s chilly this morning, a coffee in my hand just feels right!”

“Everyone’s going out for pizza?  I guess watching other people eat pizza sounds fun 😦 “

Finding easily accessible healthy options on the go hasn’t been as hard as finding myself in the company of other people doing the same thing.  I find it extremely hard to go against the group when it comes to social eating and drinking, but I’m not exactly sure how to combat this.  Maybe by just doing it and eventually it won’t feel weird anymore, it will just be.  I guess that’s kinda what I’m hoping to do with these monthly projects anyway… get the ball rolling so I’m not always wishing, wanting and waiting.

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time” – Abraham Lincoln


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