End of Summer

My summer tour has come to an end, much quicker than I would have hoped.  It’s back to Winnipeg for the next month, and almost time for a new focus, a new challenge.  I still have one week of healthy eating while I’m at home, but it won’t really be on the go snacking type foods.  Although having those snack on hand can be helpful even when you’re not constantly on the go.  It makes healthy choices easier when it’s just as simple to reach for chips as it is to reach for carrots.

Since I do have a week left I think I will add-on the following:

*get rid of unhealthy packaged foods lying around

*read up on nutrition for athletes

*research more plant-based meal options

As for what I set out to accomplish, let’s see:

*Finding food that is healthy and fuels me for my shows

I did find a large list of snacking foods that I found to be healthy and kept me going.  My main issue to begin with was that I needed more of those foods than I thought!

*Pre-planning meals and snacks around my schedule to prevent crabbiness

I definitely noticed a difference when I ate before I got hungry, both in my crabbiness and my willingness to search out healthy food at all.  When I got too hungry I felt like the walking dead and I probably would have eaten anything in my path!

*Finding out if this is cheaper than eating out for all my meals on the road

I don’t have an exactly number tally yet, but I know for sure I spent less than I would have if I had eaten out for every single meal.  I also think I would have felt horrible.

*Planning for the right number of days so I don’t have excess I need to get rid of

This was easier than it has been in the past for me.  I actively choose foods that could be used in various combinations and I also took eating the food I had before buying other food more seriously.

So far, so good!


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