Stretching it out

So my first challenge to myself was to stretch everyday for 30 days.  That 30 days changed not only my flexibility, but also my resistance to starting to stretch.  I used to stretch for hours, pushing myself way past my limits, then be so sore that after a few days I wouldn’t put much effort into it for weeks.  Now I try to get in 45 mins- 1 hour everyday, in a more relaxed way knowing that I will be doing it constantly so no need to push too hard.  After that initial 30 days, it just became part of my day, not something I was forcing anymore.  So while I probably stretch 5/6 days a week in place of a strict 7… I’m still improving 🙂  And better yet, it’s way easier for me to start and more comfortable all the way through.

Here’s a video I took at the End of August:




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