Cute explosion

The Conversational book I have is great, but a bit dry.   Even though it’s exactly what I need to learn, It’s hard to make grammar exciting.  So don’t tell the author, but I’ve had to turn elsewhere to stay motivated about conjugation.

First I tried watching an Anime that I saw long ago, but remembered liking: Grave of the Fireflies.  It is all in Japanese and I can put on either English and/ or Japanese subtitles.   It was great, but clearly above my level… oh yeah and totally depressing ( beautifully depressing, but still ).  I would recommend anyone to watch it,  just keep  tissues handy 🙂  It was cool to be able to listen and hear the breaks between words, even when I didn’t understand the words themselves.  It doesn’t sound like a sea of sounds anymore, just distinct words I don’t know 🙂

So after that sad-fest I went on a search to find upbeat, children’s entertainment… preferably something for babies since we are about at the same level.  And then I found it… possibly the only thing that could have lifted me out of my post-Grave of the fireflies- depression…

I now fully understand the meaning of kawaii (“lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable”)!!!

Now whenever I am glazing over from conjugating or just starting to panic about how I will ever keep everything straight.. I have a secret weapon against the boredom 🙂

I’m cruising along with the book, next step is to start translation on the script and probably find someone to help with that!


(Mata-ne… See you!)


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