Comprehension Vs. Retention



Comprehension: Act of or capacity for grasping with the intellect.

Retention: An ability to recall or recognize what has been learned or experienced


I’ve always believed the main thing I learned throughout my years of education was how to learn, and more specifically how I learn.  Once I figured out the best way for me to study, it was easy enough for me to know what I needed to learn for tests and then promptly forget it all in order to cram more random info into my head.  I wasn’t just memorizing, I really did comprehend what I was learning… it’s just I had no need to retain it usually.  That’s a skill I wish I would have worked a little harder on now.


As I was going through the lessons I realized there wasn’t really any type of review quizes… so I made some up.  I pulled exercises from throughout the lessons I have already done and when I went to try them a few days later, bam… blanking left and right  😦


Can someone please install more memory in me?


Which has made me reconsider going as fast as I am through this book.  Sure each chapter is easy enough to understand… but I don’t seem to be retaining enough of the grammar structure to even make small sentences on the fly.  In languages everything builds upon previous understanding.  They explain things simply first… then starting bringing out all the complications and irregularities.  Kind of like when you learned in kindergarden that pilgrams and Indians were the best of friends, yay  for Thanksgiving.  Then in 5th grade they start back peddling a bit…”when we say friends… we mean more like they were the original definition of *Frenemy*”.


So with about 4 days until I leave for Japan I think I may have to review more than go forward.  I would rather know a little bit really well, then a lot of random bits that may not piece together.


Mata ne!




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