Opportune October

October is here, and so is another chance to work toward something new.  This month will be a little different because I will also be carrying forward last month’s work… I mean it would be silly to stop working on Japanese just before I get there!  But I have another goal that I want to work toward on this trip: better documentation of where I’ve been.

I go all over the world and yet I almost always forget to take photographs and/or write about where I’ve gone.  Or I take the pictures and they gather metaphorical dust in folders on my computer.  Last year I decided to try to make the time to see more of the places I travelled to, and that worked out great.  My trips starting feeling more like adventures and less like long commutes to work.

So for October I want to:

* Continue working on Japanese

* Actually use my Japanese in public!

* Document my trip to Japan

Sounds like a fun month 🙂

I hope I get to experience both of these Japans


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