Shinjuku Heaven’s Artists Festival

We did our first festival here, and it was a blast!  It was called Shinjuku’s Heaven Artsists… I think 🙂  The day started with an awesome marching band parade.  The whole parade was playing the same song, so even though band after band moved on, the music remained constant.  There were all sorts of different arts going on during the festival so in that respect it was a much more European style festival than we are used to performing in, but I love these kinds of festivals!  There are just so many different things to see, especially when you don’t really speak the language variety is much more entertaining 🙂

Our show seemed to go over pretty well… and I think my Japanese was understandable!  Yay 🙂  I got through the whole first half without having to read off my notes, but the second half not so much.  Apparently going upside down knocked all that Japanese out of my head.  Here’s a brief look at the show and some of my Japanese:


すごい !

(sugoi – awesome!)



One thought on “Shinjuku Heaven’s Artists Festival

  1. I’ve watched this video so many times – love it!!!

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