Here’s your word bank…



After about 2 weeks of being here I am finally comfortable asking for assistance and ordering food in a combination of Japanese and traveller’s sign language (also known as overly animated gestures and noises that aren’t words).  I have continued to go through my book and it has done a really good job of preparing me with helpful phrases and questions.  However, I don’t think anyone I am interacting with has read the book, and they are definitely not sticking to any of the scripts.

I am starting to think I should prepare a word bank of all the words I know and hand it to the person I am talking to so they know to stick within these words… and pronounce them slowly.

My other solution wasn’t as useful, but it sure made me feel good.  I was reviewing the chapter on time because each time I asked someone the time recently, I have failed to put together exactly what time it is.  They say it so fast and of course the conjugations of saying  NUMBER + MINUTE for time are mainly irregular.

All these numbers are getting mixed up in my head!

 I needed a win.  SO I waited for exactly 5 pm, hid my watch, then asked the first person I saw for the time.

Me: “Nan-ji desu ka?” (what time is it?)

Lady: “go ji”   (5 oclock)

Me:  “Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita”   (thank you very much)

Instant win!


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