My Kryptonite

There are many things that turn me into a weak, powerless baby: the concept of zombies/ people pretending to be zombies, my old skating coach, getting wet in the rain ( I really hate it- I don’t know why, but it makes me want to cry and hide).  But my biggest kryptonite of all is a stationary store.  I am simply stuck and unable to move on for hours.








The crisp new pages with endless possibilities, the adorable designs everywhere, the promise of complete organization… I could and I have spent hours and hours inside them.  My already poor decision making ability is magnified in these stores, because I love everything I am seeing but I know I will never use most of it.  Then my brain begins to fight, It’s so cute (right) vs. It’s so unnecessary (left).  Left almost always wins, but I guess loses as well because I just lost 2 hours of my life to being completely unproductive.

Since I really just like looking at them, and I definitely can’t (shouldn’t/ mustn’t) buy them all, I decided to take pictures of everything I liked so I could stare without spending a cent!

Slightly more advanced than Hallmark cards…

It was all written in Japanese inside… the mystery remains… is this for keeping track of chores?

These were very dangerous, they almost made it out


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