Why do I want to learn gimp? Because time and time again I need to edit something about a photo and I can’t. Each time I say, “I should really learn the basics of photo editing,” then continue about my merry way until I need another photo edited. Well not anymore.


When you’re self-employed you are in charge of everything. Which is fun for the most part, I mean I love being in control of what jobs I do and don’t take, what avenues I pursue. However, you are also the head of marketing, finance, R&D and every other department a business would have, whether you know anything about it or not. I was once asked if my head of HR could send a letter confirming my period of self-employment on the company’s letterhead.


I am the head of HR and my letterhead is currently printer paper.


Now if I would have known gimp… I could have had some snazzy letterhead 😉 Letterhead aside, I am beginning to see that it is important to improve all aspects of a business, not just the parts you like.



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