Where am I, What time is it, What’s going on?


I completely missed the October/ November new project turn over. But I have an excuse, here’s what I was doing October 31st – November 2nd:


Tokyo – Vancouver – Winnipeg (8 hours at home)

Winnipeg – Chicago – Newark – Rome…. wait, Chicago and Newark flights are canceled, make that:

Winnipeg – Minneapolis – Philly – Rome ( 24 hours in Rome).


I guess excuses don’t matter much in the real world. Luckily this is a made up world and a made up project, the only consequences being what I enforce upon myself:


(Self who thought up this project): I am very disappointed in you 😦

(Self who failed to abide by the guidelines): I know, I’m sorry. It will probably happen again, but I’ll always feel bad about it.

(Self who thought up this project): Very well then, as you were.


With all that aside how did October turn out?


AMAZING! I loved Japan, and I did a really good job of taking way more pictures than I usually do. The main problem I had was with all the time I spent exploring Tokyo, taking pictures, meeting new people, working on Japanese and actually doing the festivals we came there to do… I did not make enough time to write about my encounters the way I would have liked to 😦


BUT, I think I can make up for that in November in a kind of round about way. The topic I chose for November is one that I think might be boring to write about, but I’ve wanted to learn it for a long time now: Photoshop. Errr, well GIMP… photoshop’s free cousin However, I have so much more to say about my time in Japan, so in November I will be learning to alter photo’s with GIMP and altering how October went by continuing to post about my time in Tokyo.





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