When in Rome…

ruins, ruins everywhere!

So I arrived at 7 am in Rome, which is 12 am in Winnipeg and 2 pm in Tokyo. I didn’t really know what time zone my body was in, just that it was time for a nap. My hope was that my body’s time clock would be so confused it would just give up and go with Rome’s.

As much as I wanted to nap, the hotel didn’t seem to care about my circadian rhythm. So off to explore as much of Rome as I can with 30 euros and a half awake brain. Here’s how the day went more or less:


I’m in Rome there is so much to see!


I forgot to grab a map and almost everything looks like a potential ruin.

me, mapless and lost


There is a German tour group passing me, I bet they are more organized. Ja, ja, ja, eins, zwei, eins, zwei


Everyone here is at least 65 and starting to give me the evil German eye. Even with taking pictures and tying and retying my shoes to slow me down they are going to catch on pretty soon… or think I’m a creepy stalker.

the man on the left in on to me! 



A MAP, see ya meine Deutschen Freunde, thanks for everything!


Hmmmm, Circo Massimo and the Colosseo – sounds like a good place to start… they’re so close 🙂


So just in case you are wondering The Circo Massimo (aka Circus Maximus) was Rome’s chariot racing stadium and general entertainment venue seating 150,000! The space is massive, and even though nothing here remotely resembles what it looked like in Rome’s height… it’s just cool to be standing in that kind of history.

Here’s what it used to look like:


As I get closer to the Colosseo (aka the Coliseum) I notice it’s a tad busy for a Thursday in the beginning of November… what’s going on?


Oh it’s All Saint’s Day and everything else is closed, so every tourist in Rome is here…perfect.

There’s like a million people here!

Oh well I guess there are worse things than standing in line for a couple hours to see one of the great wonders of the world. Like it could be raining for those two hours… oh good, it’s raining 😦


I hate rain, and every part of me wanted to leave that line immediately. Except the part screaming, “but it’s THE COLLISEUM. You may never be in Rome again, this place is layered with almost 2000 years of history. Thousands of slaves worked for 8 years to build this thing and you can’t handle a little rain!”

Needless to say it was worth it.

who left this column laying around?

You may have noticed how amazing my photos were in this post. Especially the old map of Rome, I made those arrows myself… thanks GIMP!


One thought on “When in Rome…

  1. I especially like the “why is it so busy today” man! Great post, and I love the panorama you took!

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