Calendar girl

In the latest stationary store I was oogling in Tokyo, I came across the largest variety of calendars I have ever seen. I don’t think I have used a non-digital calendar/date book since my trusty high school Chandler’s, and I had no idea there were so many options. In case you are in need of a calendar this year, please have a look at your options:

Accordion calendars

Wooden calendars

Very Japanese, poorly focused calendars

Stuffed animal calendars

Sliding Dog calendars

Roof-top calendars

Piano calendars

Multiplying matryoshka calendars


Hello Kitty calendars of all sizes


Really large bird calendars




Hallucinogenic anime calendars



Finger puppet calendars



Felt calendars



SHIBA INU calendars


Cute coffee calendars (it’s gigi!)


Block calendars

and lastly…adorable French calendars (in the theme of my blog!)

So there you go, plenty of options to choose from!  And of course all these photos were cropped and resized with gimp… I better learn some new techniques!


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