Why Hello, Hello Kitty


Now I don’t want anyone to get alarmed… but I think Hello Kitty is following me.

It’s not like I’ve never noticed her before.  I’ve seen her around at the occasional stationary store or on children’s toys… but now I see her everywhere.  I expected her to be everywhere in Japan.  I mean they have an entire theme park where she is the star, Sanrio Puroland.


In fact from the website I think she may be Queen:  http://www.puroland.co.jp/english/welcome.html

There is also a hotel:


Plus almost anything you can buy, you can buy with her face on it:hello-kitty-beerresized hello-kitty-cross-necklace HelloKittySushiKit_large

However I think she hopped into my bags when I wasn’t looking, how else can you explain her being everywhere I have been?!?


In Ajaccio, Corica


Looking a little rough around the edges as she ran to keep up with me

cartagena 2sm cartagena3sm cartagenasm

All over the place in Cartgena, Spain

target texas

I next spotted her in a Target in Texas

bookstore in canada

Shortly thereafter I saw her in a bookstore in Canada

Then she started to reach out and feign interest in my interests:

hello-kittyloves skating

And showing up at my work:


hellokitty following me

I just can’t shaken this creepy feeling that she’s watching me…


and waiting for me…


So I’m putting the word out



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