Goals from New Years Past


New Years is probably one of my favorite holidays.  It’s definitely my favorite one second holiday.

It’s pretty clear that I love making lists and making goals, and New Years is a celebrated holiday to do just that! This year I decided to look back at past goals to see how far I have come and what other goals have fallen by the wayside. I have lists of New Years goals from about the last 10 years and it was pretty amazing to see how many of those goals have been accomplished one way or another. However there are lots of less interesting, but important goals that have been on there year after year…never getting done. SO this year I’m starting 2013 as the year of achieving forgotten goals and growing up! Turns out the theme of my forgotten goals is clear: they are important but time consuming tasks that don’t involve training or performing circus! I do very well accomplishing goals that are related to circus and training, but not so well at being a preventative, responsible grown up.  Also as 2012 came to an end it became clear that I should plan out the project months a few months in advance. So here is what I hope to do as 2013 begins, the year of achieving forgotten goals, growing up** and being preventative:

January: WORK OVERHAUL – deal with the marketing side of being a circus performer… I have put this off for 3 years now.

February: FINANCES – learn how to manage finances better, methods to keep better records

March: MEDICAL – compile your family medical history, go to the doctor and the dentist :/

The other projects I have in mind I can’t quite put set to a month because it depends on where I am in the world, but they are as follows in no particular order:

  • simplify my closet, pair down belongings
  • keep better contact with friends and family
  • learn more about cleaning and try out different green cleaning methods
  • work my way through a whole cookbook
  • use all the spices in my spice cabinet!
  • Be a girl and learn to use make up
  • play more games (this one is a reward month if I can accomplish all the other ones!)
  • discover winnipeg, be proactive about sightseeing while traveling for work
  • attack my craft box, finish projects…. maybe even get rid of some of them.
  • Learn French

Wait that’s 13 project ideas… clearly I have no problem thinking of monthly projects.  Maybe I’ll just have to stick to a lunar calendar.  I do feel a lot less pressure knowing these goals/ projects will be coming at me one at a time… it makes them feel less overwhelming 🙂

Now I’m getting pretty excited about 2013!


**Let me explain what I mean by saying grow up. I tend to put things off until the conditions are perfect. I haven’t made a new work promo in three years because I was waiting for perfect footage. Now I am beginning to think that Nike was right all along, I just need to do it.  Growing up to me means living a preventative life and staying on top of my shit because no one is going to do it for me. The more I am managing my life as a responsible adult some of the time, the more fun I can have the rest of the time.

It also means showing up to the page (thanks Julia Cameron!) and Just doing it (thanks Nike!)


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