Just in time



This project has been harder than a lot of my other projects, mainly because it is starting to feel like a lot of different projects.  I have started to really enjoy one concrete focus a month.  The last two days I have felt super overwhelmed without any really focus as to what was stressing me out.  When I get stressed  like this I usually become very unproductive, which makes no sense because I am stressed out about all the things I want to get DONE… ugh

SO I made a two column list:

Things that I actually need to do before I leave for Japan

Things that are flying around my head, but not doing them won’t prevent me from successfully travelling to Japan

Somehow that worked!  It became very clear what was actually important to do that day and what could be scheduled for another day.  It’s those extra nagging thoughts flying around my brain that are the ones causing all the stress in my life.  GO away nagging buzzing thoughts!

It also managed to give me just enough time to put together video 2 of 3 (although it becoming video 2 of 2 is a possibility) before we fly out to Japan:


And now off to Japan!




One thought on “Just in time

  1. Love the two-column list idea. And the video was great! Enjoyable and the right length 🙂

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