From Marketing to Markets


January is over, thank goodness cause that was getting stressful!  I am so glad that I accomplished everything I set out to do, a little surprised that I managed to do it all, but overall happy I did it and happy it’s over 🙂  Best lesson learned from that entire month: Better to do a little work everyday, then play catch up at the end of the year.  So the theme of my life again seems to be consistency is the best policy.

So with one stressful month behind me, I thought I would give myself a break and look into all financial aspects of my life.  Oh and February is only 28 days… Good planning.

For this projects I will be read two books that were highly recommended (…by the internet)

0470679883 iwillteachyoutoberich

…I wonder if the original title was “Personal finance for Canadian Dummies”  and then it quickly got changed?

I already really enjoy learning about finances, taxes and the idea of keeping good records.  I say the idea of keeping good records because as soon as I am on the road for too long my nice filing system becomes an overstuffed envelope that I figure I will deal with later.  Later becomes April 10th, and more and more often I am not anywhere near my home office to deal with taxes come April.

To be honest I am pretty knowlegable with US tax law, planning for retirement in the US and generally keeping track of my money.  However I recently immigrated to Canada and I don’t know anything about their financial system, except that I will probably be paying more taxes.

So February here we go:

*Read: “I will teach you to be rich” and “Personal Finance for Canadians for Dummies”

* Follow the program outlined in “I will teach you to be rich”

*research and implement a better method of “keeping the books” while I am on the road

*Understand the Canadian tax system well enough to know if I need someone else to do my taxes for me 🙂

*Learn my options for retirement planning for US vs Canada

*Try not to fall asleep while reading numerous tax forms

Exhausted Student Falling Asleep While Cramming

You have 4 weeks, GO!


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