Financial February flew by, a little it too quickly actually. I didn’t get very  many posts out, but I did get a fair amount of learning done (I think relearning grammar might be going on my project list). I finally finished “Personal Finance for Canadian, for Dummies” and while there was good info in there for me, it was so dry it was more like reading an encyclopedia. It did help me to learn a lot of financial terms specific to Canada, but I probably could have gotten that from going to a bank and reading all the pamphlets. It turns out Canada and the US aren’t really that different when it comes to personal finance and the options out there for your retirement. They have higher taxes, but also more generous programs when it comes to retirement (At least in my case). Also when investing the money in your retirement accounts you have all the same options available to my US retirement funds. I’m not really sure what I thought would be so different, as if the options for investing my money would be limited to snow plow companies and tim horton’s. But no, all the same options are out there, and now I also have increased familiarity with Canadian products and companies from living there.

“I will teach you to be rich” on the other hand was a great personal finance book that I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about their finances or who needs a good plan to get them into a better relationship with money. Even if you don’t live in the US, the concepts still translate.

Also on my list was understanding the Canadian tax law for independent contractors. After reading the Canada Revenue Agency’s website until my eyes were bleeding I feel confident in doing my own taxes. Again, it’s not that different in concept, just in forms and names. However, I did also get the name of a good accountant!

Also on my list for the month was trying to find a good method for keeping track of the spending I do. This month I tried to keep track of it all with the trusty system of pen and paper. It worked reasonably well, I tallied up my expenses daily and then reviewed weekly… but honestly I don’t think it’s a great long term system. Right now I am in one place and not spending money anyway but in cash, it’s pretty easy to keep track of. Most of the time however, I am moving around and much more busy, plus I might spend money online, on a credit card and in cash multiple times a day, and that doesn’t even count my automatic bills from my bank account. So I want to try an app. I almost always have my phone on me, I just need to get into the habit of recording what I spend on it. My goal is to find one that has a user friendly interface and also is able to organize my spending in many different ways. So I guess Financial February is spilling into March!

While I was originally going to do Medical March to appease the alliteration gods, I will need to push that off for a month since I am currently still aboard the cruise ship and hopefully will not be seeing any doctors anytime soon. Just using an app seems like a pretty lame project for a whole month, but on the other hand this has been an exhausting couple of months! So as a compromise I think I will do a fun one:) This month sticking with the theme of growing up, I’m going to learn to be a girl. So hair, make up and financial apps… OH MY!


 This is still in fashion right?


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