France, why did you make your braids so hard?

 frnch braidYou must be smiling because someone else did your french braid!

I hang from things for a living, and yet holding my hands above my head and attempting to braid my hair is too much for me. Why do your arms get so tired from holding them above your head… can anyone tell me??

Here is my first attempt at french braiding my hair.  French braids seemed like a good place to start making my hairstyling more interesting.   Now I’m no expert, but I’m going to guess that I need to keep a tighter grip on my hair while braiding to avoid the looseness that these braids show.


frenchbraid2 frenchbraids

I also tried a variation with two braids:

duobraids duobraids1


However I think the first alarm bells going off are how bad that part is.  Heaven’s to betsy… that is awful… but it can only get better right?



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