Mirror, mirror



I’ve put this project off for about as long as I’ve wanted to accomplish it. It’s one of the projects I want to reap the rewards from, but it’s a little overwhelming to start. The project is of course, learning more about hair, make up and nails. I’d throw fashion in there as well, but that probably will need it’s own month (at least). I planned this month at first as a nice, fun break from all the work-intense projects I was doing… but I didn’t expect to be wishing for my finance book backs so quickly. I know it will just take practice like anything else, but it can really dampen your mood when you’re going for a smokey eye and you endup looking more like a coked-out drag queen (pictures NOT forthcoming).


Anyway the month was off to a rough start, and partly because I had such vague, vague goals. So I’ve decided to make them much more specific:


* Learn 3 hairstyles you can do in 5 minutes or less that are not a ponytail.

* Learn one hairstyle that takes longer, but is worth it.

* Learn what is so exciting about those circular brushes

* Experiment with make up that is not for the stage!

* Learn how to take care of your nails


Why is this even an issue? Why did I not start practicing at 12 to care about my general apperance? I’ve gone through so many different reasons as to why I didn’t care, but to be most honest it’s laziness that wins out most of the time. While a person’s outward appearance clearly isn’t the most important part of them, not one can deny that when you look good, you feel good and have more confidence. Also like it or not, everyone is judged on their apperance. While doing up my hair and make up isn’t likely to become a daily ritual for me, it would be nice to be able to pull it off when I have the opportunity.



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