Crème de la crème




After quite a bit of practice,  I think I have moved up to braiding at a 5th grade level  🙂  I started taking smaller chunks of hair from the sides and also having the patience to pull my fingers all the way through my hair so it wouldn’t get as tangly (is that a word??).



I also discovered that damp hair makes the whole process a whole lot easier for me.



Look at me getting so creative, I bet I could use a sock bun in there, then I really would be cooking with fire!



I also played around with faux french braids… I call it the french-canadian…

fauxbraid1 fauxbraid2


Main french braiding rules I have learned:

1.) practice

2.) damp hair works best… or dirty hair

3.) add equal amounts of hair and keep a firm grip

4.) after crossing your sections, run your fingers all the way through to prevent tangling

5.) practice

6.) try not to cry when you are earnestly learning from an instructional youtube video made by someone born after 2000.




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