Who knew stickers could be so Chic!


When I visited the nail polish area of the drugstore to get some polish, I couldn’t help but leave with these stickers from Essie too.

essie instructions

They were super easy to put on, and you didn’t have to wait for anything to dry!  Basically you clean up your nails the same way you would before you put on polish.  Then you put the stickers on, making sure there are no air bubbles between your nails and the stickers.  Then you bend the remainder of the sticker over the end of your nail and file it off.  My nails aren’t very long so I actually cut the stickers so there wouldn’t be as much to fold over.  Now I’m not sure if it was necessary or not, but it did leave me with lots of extra stickers so I could do my toes too!

essie toes and nails essie nails

Overall it was really easy and left me with fun nails that stayed pretty for just over a week.  Kinda expensive to make it a habit at $10.95 a pack, but still fun!


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