Oh là là, so that’s the twist


The time for this project has gone way past a month and it still feels like I have just scratched the surface of what I was hoping to learn.  Lets see what I managed to accomplish on my vague list back in March:

* Learn 3 hairstyles you can do in 5 minutes or less that are not a ponytail.

Check! Sock bun, french braid and french twists (more about that in a minute…)

* Learn one hairstyle that takes longer, but is worth it.


* Learn what is so exciting about those circular brushes

Still a mystery

* Experiment with make up that is not for the stage!

A little bit, but without much success

* Learn how to take care of your nails

Also a little bit

Overall… not so great.   However, I am happy with what I did manage to learn.

I think that the first mistake was to think I could fit such huge and vague categories into a month.  So the poor planning doomed it from the start.  I also got bogged down with information overload, watching tons of tutorials and looking at pictures, without putting in the actual practice time.  It probably would have been better to stop perusing every hairstyle ever created after the first few days and just followed through with practicing a few of them.  These projects all seem to be teaching me similar overall lessons, yet I’m not sure they are sinking in.

But back to how I did accomplish something 🙂

I am now a french braiding machine!



I even tried a bit of side braiding… that probably still needs some work 🙂

side braid duo


On to the twist!  The last hairstyle I was working on was a french twist which seems to be a pretty broad category of anything that sweeps up all your hair and twists it back on itself… for example…

a727ee43f230f3b760c923ab2d990984 58b6688d21a2a88d16beda4ed5e14a38 4593789ccc0f9d9905025d2f59af2b54I think they look lovely and they actually weren’t as difficult as I thought they would be.  Before I was actually able to take any pictures of my own french twists I got injured in training and tore part of my rotator cuff and trapezius slightly 😦  For the moment I can’t lift my arm very well, so any hair styles are out of the question for the rest of the month 😦  In fact for a little bit Dan will be doing all of my hairstyling… it’s going to be interesting…




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