April Showers

teaIt’s a rainy day here in Tokyo, perfect for drinking tea and writing!  With the end of April brings the end of  my extended hair project, boo hoo!  I know this newfound skill will be put to use in my daily life and I will probably revisit this theme again sometime.  I think that equals SUCCESS!

While I wasn’t able to do much of anything with my hair right when I injured my arm, it has slowly been getting better and even caused me to discover some new ways of putting my hair up without lifting my arms up.

For example… 🙂

When putting up a sock bun it is even easier to do if you lean forward and wrap the hair around the doughnut.  That way you can easily secure the hair into the doughnut.


This photo may not show the hair clearly secured, but I blame that on having one functional arm while trying to take a picture and hold onto my hair.  I do promise you that it was easier and I will continue to do it this way even after my shoulder heals 🙂

Second short cut was laying down while french braiding.


Laying down helped me french braid with an injuried shoulder and it also kept my french braid higher on my head so I could get it into a bun.  Doing part of a french braid into a bun can also added a little pouf to the top of your hair without having to tease it.frenchbun

TA-DA (insert  jazz hands here!)

So April ends on a rainy high note, what will May bring?



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