Mediocre May

So May’s challenge was bittersweet for me.  I did very well preparing various Japanese dishes, however I really sucked at documenting them.  I have a newfound respect for cookbook writers and food bloggers out there, you guys are awesome and I now understand why there aren’t always a ton of pictures for every step of the process.  For me it ended up being too much work and it got in the way of posting anything at all.  I guess sometimes life gets in the way of documenting it… and maybe that’s not so bad 🙂


To end this month in style here is a list of references I used to get inspired or find recipes other than Harumi Kurihara’s cookbooks.  I loved cooking Japanese and Japanese-inspired foods.  I found them to be simple without tasting simple and tended to leave me satisfied without feeling stuffed.

Japanese cuisine references:

Lastly matcha tea or matcha lattes  are my most missed drink from Japan.  If you ever happen upon this beverage you should definitely try a cup!

vanilla matcha latte_wc


いただきます  !!




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