Joyous June


Summer has hit Winnipeg!  After the longest winter I have ever known, I can’t wait to soak up every last second of it.  It took me a little while to come up with what project I wanted to do for June.  After all I wanted to take advantage of the warming weather, the fact I will actually be at home for an entire month, plus it’s my birthday month so I want it to be fun!

After going through a million different ideas I finally settled on one… this month I am  


Now to say I’m going green is an incredibly vague topic and project.  But I have learned from my past failures and so I am getting specific for this one.  I spent a bunch of time going through internet sources and through my own mind to come up with what eco-friendly changes would have the most impact in my life and some that I am just curious about.  So here’s what I came up with:

Green cleaning, what’s it all about? – switch to homemade or eco-friendly cleaners and test them out

Compare the cost, selection and tastes of buying groceries from three different sources:  regular grocery store, organic foods, and farmer’s market/ local foods

Make composting a habit

Use less paper towels

Hand dry the laundry?

Repair instead of replace

plant a garden?

What’s in my body products… what are similar eco-friendly options?

Spend more time outdoors

I want to explore all of these topics this month and hopefully make my daily life a little greener.  First up on the docket:  Green Cleaning 🙂



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