Planting a Garden… is it actually greener?

veggie garden


I swore up and down to myself that this year I would not plant a garden.  However when I decided to do this project and saw it mentioned over and over again, it was like twisting my rubber arm.  Sure, I’ll try gardening again!  But I really don’t think that is a “greener” or good economical choice for me in particular.  Yes I am adding plants to the earth, but in order to have a nicely thriving garden I am weeding out quite a bit of green too.  I don’t think you get extra green points for plants you like versus those you don’t.  Also I have to use extra water that I would otherwise not be using and most likely the garden will die or bolt while I am on the road performing.  In all likelihood I would be better off going to a farmer’s market than I would with planting my own garden.  I just don’t have the room or the time to plant a garden on a scale that would actually make a difference.  So while last year I went full tilt and bought way too many plants and seeds, this time around I tried to keep it simple and stick with the crops that worked out the best for me last year: Spinach, parsley, chives, basil, cilantro and radishes… basically I am growing a salad 🙂  In our backyard we do also have raspberries and a few strawberry plants that kind of take care of themselves.

So here’s my gardening attempt, fingers crossed that it grows 🙂





I decided to buy the basil as a seedling (kinda a big seedling!)  Guess which one died shortly after coming home from the nursery…

p.s. it didn’t look quite so bad when I bought it I swear!











2 thoughts on “Planting a Garden… is it actually greener?

  1. The first picture serves as an inspiration especially for those who are just beginning to love gardening.

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