Faux Breeze


I love using Febreze… but my allergy-prone nose just can’t get on board.  Here’s a recipes for a DIY Febreze that I’ve actually known about for a while.  While performing you tend to end up wearing costumes that either aren’t that easily washed or just need a little help to get them to the next cast laundry day.  I’ve heard different recipes and I think it depends on the level of stink you are trying to rid, but this is the one I use most.  In the past I have only used it on clothing/costumes that were recently worn to kill the bacteria that cause B.O.

“Faux Breeze”

50/50 mix cheap vodka/ water in a spray bottle

To reiterate this is deodorizer not a cleaning spray!

 I made a smaller bottle up and added peppermint oil and used it more like Febreze, by spraying it on the carpets and other less often washed areas… no problems yet 🙂


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