Continuing the Green Push

So July is here and yet again I have failed to hit the deadline of one month.  I don’t have a problem making this a two month project (there is a lot to keep doing).  However I am annoyed with how I have done writing about it all.  So I’m adding on to this month.  Although it seems counterintuitive to add more when I have trouble completing what I am doing, let me explain.  I think about what I am doing/ working on all the time, and I love staying in the planning process.  But sometimes I have a very difficult time leaping into action.  So this month combined with continuing to go greener, I will be doing more by doing less.  I’m going to set aside less time to do the work (rather than giving myself all day and night), but when that time is passed… no more work.  Hopefully I will be forced into action instead of planning myself into oblivion.  Or this blog will be sadly empty for the rest of the month and it will be clear that this method does not help 🙂

So July:

Continue to go greener!

Set specific work hours and stay within them

Start August’s project on time!




Also,self  created busy-ness is nothing special to me!




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