Grocery lessons


So I didn’t notice too much of a difference in the taste of organic vs regular supermarket produce (except the organic yams which were amazing).  Here are the differences I did notice:

1.) Organic produce is about twice as expensive as regular produce.

2.) The organic packaged options were crazy expensive and not always that good for you

3.) I was more careful about what and how much I bought when I bought organic because I assumed it was more expensive and I didn’t want to waste it.  So my produce bill wasn’t twice as expensive even though technically it should have been.  I actually waste quite a bit of produce, which I have never paid attention to before.

4.) Some, of my organic produce what much quicker to ripen and most products had a shorter shelf  life

5.) freshly made bread is amazing

6.) I will never pay $10 for tortillas no matter how many organic ingredients are in there.

7.) Groceries, even organic groceries are cheaper than eating out will ever be.

Buying organic seems really expensive when you try to ditch all your staples at once and buy everything organic.  However if you replace what you have with an organic version once you run out… it doesn’t feel so overwhelming or expensive.  I am hoping that all the green initiatives you can take to save you money will even out the more expensive produce 🙂   When I first starting researching all of this it seemed difficult and expensive because I was thinking in terms of all or nothing.  Lately I’ve been realizing that even a little more organic or eco-friendly is better than none.  I’d rather take small, slow steps than none at all!

So if you are starting slowly too, the Environmental Working Group has a list of the produce that tend to have the most pesticides on them.  They call this grouping the, “Dirty Dozen” and suggest that at the very least you buy these items organically.  Here’s a link to their site:

I think the most important things I will take away from this small experiment are buying the dirty dozen organically and also paying closer attention to what I am buying to avoid food waste.  Hopefully by implementing both of these strategies I will be ingesting less toxins and also not doubling my grocery bill!


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