Green Finale!

keep calm

So my two month Green push has come to an end.  Overall it was a really great project, and one that I think can always to added to over time.  Here are a few last projects I did over the last two weeks:


We already had a compost pile, but always getting there wasn’t happening.  I used to have a large bin under the sink that just led to a stinky kitchen and bin.  Not a good incentive to keep composting.  This time I tried to use a smaller plastic container to take collect food from each meal prep and take it our right away.  This will be easy to keep up in the summer, but will probably not work for winter.  This was also the first year that we were actually able to use our composting in the garden.  Which is probably why my garden grew so well and easily this year 🙂

…speaking of which…



Not just another pretty face, my garden produced a fair amount of produce this year.  Radishes and spinach aplenty!


Also my strawberry plant finally produced a strawberry… one expensive strawberry


Very delicious though!


Even though my garden turned out awesome and delicious and think at this point in time gardening is not for me.  I’m not around enough for the upkeep or even to eat the full bounty!  The herbs worked out well, and they were a lovely addition that I would love to keep year round.  However they tend to bolt when I’m gone too long and stop producing their tasty leaves.  So I might be better off with grocery store herbs and produce for now.

…speaking of which…

Thinking about how much food I buy and ways of using it all!

I am definitely thinking more about what I am buying produce wise at the store now.  My eyes are almost always bigger than my stomach, and fruit and veggies tend to make a lot more than I think while cooking.  I also started to look up ways to freeze or preserve foods while we go away for weeks at a time.  So here are my latest trials:

Fruit is super easy, just freeze it and use for smoothies upon return 🙂


Leftover veggies and chicken lent themselves nicely to soup… which you can also freeze!

IMG_2168(This picture made me realize I need to work on my photography… it really was tasty though!)

So instead of coming home to rotting fruits and veggies, I came home to soup and smoothies… yum!

So here ends June and July’s challenge of going greener, and I feel like it was a complete success.  While there are more ways I could be greener still, I’m happy with the progress I made.  I believe every bit counts and the more it’s on my mind, the more changes I will make over time.

I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security.

Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad.

Otherwise what is there to defend?

-Robert Redford 



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