Mornings in Japan

I’m back in Japan for the next 6 weeks and I couldn’t be happier about it.  We are still just settling in, but this time has a much more homey and relaxed feel about it.  I know there is still so much of Tokyo I want to see… but since I have seen a lot of it,  I feel much happier just being here.  I don’t feel in a rush to see it all, all at once.  That is a very nice feeling, and kinda new for me 🙂

So far mornings in Japan go like this…

First go find your adorable Gigi mug that you would defend to anyone (but you’re in Japan so you don’t have to)


Then get package of quick brew coffee.  Like instant coffee, but actually brewed and amazing.


open your coffee and gaze into it’s eyes


origami it into brewing position (yes I used origami as a verb)


place it atop your mug and brace yourself for


an uber delicious and speedy cup of coffee!!

morning coffee

totemo oishii desu!

Now I’m ready to face the day 🙂


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