My not so secret bad habit

japanese books


I love books.  Whether they are from the library, a bookstore or a friend, I adore them.  I would say a vast majority of my books are of the, “how to…” variety.  They are on exceedingly varying themes, and there are a lot of them.  That may not sound so bad, but books and information are definitely my preferred form of procrastination.  Even though I know ( and I do know) that it takes consistent effort and work to learn new things… at some point in the learning process I get frustrated at my level of success my brain decides, ” it’s not you, and it’s not that you need to put in more time, you just need another resource… a better resource.”  And even though it’s not true my brain will lead my feet to a bookstore where I aquire a new book with a new promise to learn whatever I want to learn, but this time ” the fast and easy way!!!!”

I’m a sucker everytime.


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