Shrine Time!


I really wanted to name this post Temple Time… but alas, now I know the difference.  After reading up more and more on Shrines and Temples, I really wanted to visit a few more.  I have always liked seeing them, but even knowing just a little bit more about them both made the visits more intriguing and comfortable.  Not surprising, it’s more fun to know a little bit about what you are looking at 😉 Here’s a quick look at my visit to the Kanda Myojin (Kanda Shrine): The Shrine was founded in 730 AD (nearly 1300 years old!!)  It has been rebuilt and restored many times over and even moved locations twice.  It is home to the Kanda Festival which is one of three major Shinto festivals held in Tokyo.  It takes place on May 15th of every odd numbered year… hopefully I’ll get there for one of them 🙂 Kanada1kandamulti1kanda8kandamulti2 …and my favorite part about this Shine… the おみくじ Omikuji,  aka the paper fortunes!!  When you visit the Shrine you can make a wish and then get a paper fortune with the answer to said wish.  The fortunes are number 1 – 100 and can be any of the following:

  • Great blessing (dai-kichi, 大吉)
  • Middle blessing (chū-kichi, 中吉)
  • Small blessing (shō-kichi, 小吉)
  • Blessing (kichi, 吉)
  • Half-blessing (han-kichi, 半吉)
  • Future blessing (sue-kichi, 末吉)
  • Future small blessing (sue-shō-kichi, 末小吉)
  • Curse (kyō, 凶)
  • Small curse (shō-kyō, 小凶)
  • Half-curse (han-kyō, 半凶)
  • Future curse (sue-kyō, 末凶)
  • Great curse (dai-kyō, 大凶)


So you can get a paper fortune at all Shrines or Temples, but here at the Kanda Shrine, they are delivered by a dragon 🙂

(p.s. Dan usually gets horrible fortunes)

If your fortune is bad you tie it to the tree or hanging wires nearby.  If the fortune is good you can take it home or also tie it up and your luck will be even greater!  I didn’t quite understand why you tie the bad luck one to the tree, but the gist of it is that the bad luck will wait there and not stay with you.  I usually get good fortunes and Dan usually gets awful ones, so I guess we even out 🙂

Omikuji fortune telling papers




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