… is almost over.  So I’m going to do a fun mini project to take advantage of my time at home.  We have almost a month at home this time, so it’s time to get cooking (literally)!  I’ve been falling behind on my projects recently and I’m not sure why but I think it is partly due to the amount of travelling I do and also due to the fact that so far most of my old projects are becoming part of my daily routine and the time required is adding up!  So I want to do a two fold mini project.  It may not make sense to do a double project when I have trouble sticking to a single one, but bear with me.

My overall project is going to be single-tasking.  What is single-tasking…well I’m not sure if that’s the actual word for it, but whatever the opposite of multitasking is, that’s what I want to try.  I’m interested to see if it allows me to get more done calmly, or if it doesn’t really matter.

But I can’t really see how it’s going to be very fun to write about, so in comes a fun mini project.  I’m going to try to use all the spices in my cabinet before I leave again.  Cooking is something I really enjoy but don’t get to do that often.  It was only a couple years ago that I even started using spices in my cooking… which seems crazy now and has made both cooking and eating my cooking so much more fun.  However from trying random recipes I have accumulated so many spices!  So I made a list of all the spices in my cabinet, let the cooking begin!



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