we interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast …

…to talk about make up, rationalizations and box subscriptions!


I really like make-up in every way except wearing it.  I love looking at the packaging, I love shopping for it, but then it usually gets put away for “later”.

I have a strange habit with any kind of body product.  If I really like it, I want to save it because I don’t want to use it up.  If I don’t really like it, I want to save it because I might like it later.  So I end up using mainly products I kinda like, but mainly want to use up.  I have a really hard time throwing away products, even when I don’t like them.  I have less of a problem with buying new products that might work better 🙂  SO I guess I have a hoarder/accumulation problem.  Especially for small and cute or well packaged things, it’s a major kryptonite for me (Japan required constant vigilance to not buy everything ).

SO where is this going… Over the past year you might have noticed the popular “box” subscriptions all over the place.


I certainly did, and I wanted one.  It represents everything exciting about make-up to me.  First it’s a present, who doesn’t like receiving presents?  Second, it’s a surprise… it could be anything, it could be that one product that fixes all your problems.  Third, they all seem so well packaged and adorable.  But just before I click “subscribe” I come to my senses and realize I have a large box full of unused products and these new products will probably find a home among them.  But no presents is just a sad and unsatisfying conclusion to my quandary.

Product shopping and research have a lot in common with each other for me.  It’s putting off the hard work of actually doing anything and just living in the new exciting feeling/ daydreaming aspect of aquiring a new skill.  No book by itself will help me learn Japanese or French, just like there is no superior eyeshadow that will help the fact that I need to learn to apply make up better.  But that knowledge alone isn’t going to stop me from clicking “subscribe” so I had an idea.  I’m going to make my own box subscription, from things that I currently own and don’t use.

This may not seem exciting to everyone, but I think it will make for a fun experiment and my first yearly challenge!  Yes, I will try to make a new box every month, the hope being I either use up the product or throw it away, but it will not go back into my storage bin!

I also want to say I don’t think there is anything wrong in getting box subscriptions, I just have such a back log of unused products I feel I personally need to address that first… before I subscribe 😉

December’s DIY Box


So skimmed right off the top of my unused bin was:

Merry early Christmas to me!


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