January’s DIY Box

So in December I started a monthly project with the hope of using up all my excessive toiletries.  It’s a silly problem to have, but somehow I can’t bring myself to throw them away and using them is decidedly better.  So December’s DIY box looked like this:

myboxHere are my reviews:

This is probably the first lotion I have ever completely finished.  It may sounds sad to be excited about that, but hey… baby steps here.  The lotion it’s self was good.  It has quite a strong smell, but I really like a citrus scent and it wasn’t perfumey.

I really loved this lip balm.  It is the first lip balm I used all the way up and then was sad when it was gone.  It is pretty expensive for lip balm, this one was a free gift from sephora, but i liked it enough that when I finish all the others, maybe I’ll even buy it.

used upAll gone!

This one was easy, I just threw it in the bathroom soap dish and let everyone help out finishing this soap off.  I liked the scent, it wasn’t overpowering like some of LUSH’s products.  I really like LUSH in general, it’s just that they are expensive and I don’t think they are quite as “all natural” as their advertising leads you to believe.

I always hate these plastic packs because they contain more than one use and then everything gets messy.  However I was actually surprised that it actually lived up to its claim.  Usually “volumizing”  hair products do little for me, but bumble and bumble worked as it claimed!

I really didn’t like this mascara.  I tried it three times and each time it clumped to no end.  I ended up throwing it away (which is also kinda a small victory for me).

These powders were fine, but nothing special for me.  They were pretty light though, which is nice because I’ve been trying to wear less and less make up in general when I am not performing.  The main problem I had with the company is that the array of choices is so overwhelming, unless I was in a store to pick it out choosing over the internet is too difficult for me.  I probably won’t get these again.

Still can’t part with it, but I found it a new home… it can store all the lip balms I have yet to test out 🙂

lip storage

SO on to January’s DIY box

jan boxThis month we have:

Even though this has turned out to be much more fun than I thought it would be, I still have to wonder… where did I get all this stuff???


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