The paradox of Quebec

Right now I am in Montreal.  Winter_wallpapers_214Je suis à Montréal!

It’s a lovely city, I’ve really enjoyed my time here, J’aime Montréal!  I was so excited to come here for a bunch of reasons, but right up there was the ability to practice and learn French in a French-speaking province.  Even though it can be stressful, immersion is really the best way to learn a language.  But here’s the problem I am having…Montreal is a completely bilingual city.

Pretty much every person I attempt to speak with knows right off the bat I don’t really speak French and they switch to English.  While I understand why they switch, it makes it really hard to practice!  I don’t want to waste anyone’s time by muddling around in French trying to get my point across or understand theirs, but that’s how you learn.

Although here are a couple “exciting” conversations that have gone as planned:

me:  “Avez- vous un lave-auto?”     “Do you have a car wash?”

gas station clerk:  “…Oui…”     “…Yes…”

me:  “MERCI!”     “THANKS!”


me: ” je voudrais un cappuccino s’il vous plait”     “I would like a cappuccino please”

coffee shop gal: ” est que tout?”     “Is that all?” … this is my best guess at what is being said to me…

me: “oui, c’est tout”     “Yes, that’s all”


Yes/ no questions are my specialty:)



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