Review of January’s DIY box

A whole new box is going to have to wait until I get home from Montreal, but it will give me a good chance to completely finish everything in there!

January’s box contained:

jan box

It was fine, but nothing too special.  I like the bumble and bumble stuff from last month better.  Honestly it wasn’t much different than what I use all the time:8a745752411ce4689efcfc0cd1edc452

I have a double standard towards eye creams.  Logically I really don’t think they do anything, especially not anything different than the lotion I use for my face… but I still like using them.  This one is nice and light and has a sweet but subtle scent.  I like it and even though it is not a large container it seems to last and last.

I love the smell of this lotion.  In the space of three months I have gone from never using lotion to being lotion crazy!  I actually had to use less because it was making my circus life difficult ( I had trouble with my grip and Dan had trouble gripping my hands, feet and legs).  SO no more lotion before training!  I am about half way through and I think I’ll be quite sad to see it go.

I hated this.  It was a tiny , tiny sample and I couldn’t even finish it and had to wash it off me.  The scent was beyond powerful.  Definitely not for me.

I got this lip balm in Japan from a drugstore.  I thought the Sugar lip balm from last month was my favourite, but I think this might be.  The sugar one tastes delicious, but this one seems to keep my lips unchapped longer.  I have particularly chapped lips especially during winter.  So this lip balm has been by my side all month, I’ll be sad it see this one gone too.

This one has me stumped… and I am not sure it does anything.  I’ll keep using it for February and maybe I’ll have made up my mind by then 🙂

I haven’t been using this one… oops!  Another month to fix that!

I have been using the black as my new make up bag and it fits that perfectly.  Plus it let me throw away my dirty, makeup stained other bag, yay 🙂

So in February I will try to finish up the lotion, lip balm, lip gloss, and brow stick.  Plus I am going to throw in this stuff:

Reviva Vitamin K Cream


I didn’t even know I had it with me, but it is definitely time to use it.  I got it several months ago to address the growing number of broken blood vessels on my face.  These broken blood vessels are a result of me hitting myself in the face with my hula hoops (on accident… clearly).  Now they aren’t that big, but they also aren’t disappearing as fast as they used to… yes I hit myself in the face somewhat often.  This lotion comes directly from me medically googling myself into a panic, so I’ll be interested to see if it works at all.  Finger’s crossed!

I have to say this DIY box has been really fun, I was actually kinda sad I wasn’t able to make myself one for this month.  I guess I’ll just have to make a really great one in March:)022108_beautyopener_a


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