French easy listening


One thing I really like to do when learning a language is listen to music from that country over and over.

Do I like to do it to be more in tune with the cultural and artistic heights of the culture?


Do I chose the best lyrical works of art the country and it’s chanteuses ( Now there’s a true cognat!) have to offer?

Not at all.

I chose pop music, the more bubble gummy the better!  Why?  Because they are usually simple lyrics to catchy tunes, it’s like a memory’s dream come true!

Here’s my French playlist so far:

Pink Martini – Sympathique

Yelle – a cause des garcons

Joe Dassin – Aux Champs Elysée

Pink Martini – ou est ma tete?

Les Colocs – Pi si au moins*

Graeme Allwright – Petites boîtes

Les Colocs – Belzebuth*

Edith Piaf – Non, je ne regrette rien

Yves Montand – Sous le ciel de Paris

Belle, notre dame de paris

In-grid – oui, oui, oui

In-grid – tu est foutu

The songs of Les Colocs are definitely not bubble gum music, but I really like the band so I’m more willing to put effort into learning the lyrics… even though they are much much harder than the rest of the songs on this list.  Check them out if you have a chance, their music is great and they are the only ones on this list that are French Canadian!  You can listen to their songs at grooveshark.




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